International Law and Organization 


Dr. Jen Mustapha, Huron College

Pols 3345E - OWL POrtal

Term Wrap-UP

FaLL Term Review

Last week of Term


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  • Your JIGSAW deliverables are due Dec 7th. Upload your briefing document, reflection short essay, and your filled out jigsaw self-assessment form to your course OWL dropbox HERE

  • If you haven't yet handed in a Module Reflection for Term 1, please do so by uploading a copy to your course OWL dropbox  or sending me an e-mail with a link to your short video or podcast by Dec 7th.

  • Don't forget to complete your participation self-assessment form for Term 1. You can find the document here. Submit the completed evaluation to your course OWL dropbox. You can upload a completed copy or even just submit your answers as a typed list in a new document. This should be done by Dec 7th.

  • All of these final deliverables qualify for my no-questions-asked 2 day late policy. After this 2 days, I will also offer an extended grace period of up to Dec 14th as long as you let me know.

Week 11

In the last class of term we have an overview discussion and a mid-point check in   with a horizon scan for the Winter Term.

Depending on the state of the world we might want to change up some of the topics for seminar presentations next term. 

This course does not have an exam over the winter break.

If you have any thoughts or info or questions you'd like to share with your classmates please feel free to add to the Padlet over the break.