International Law and Organization 


Dr. Jen Mustapha, Huron College

Pols 3345E - OWL POrtal

Module 1

INtro & origins

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Before we begin, in service to the ongoing project of Truth and Reconciliation, I would like to share an acknowledgement of the fact that I am teaching on Indigenous Lands in an institution that has a fraught history with the First Peoples of these territories

Module Readings

In this course, the Module readings are not divided by weeks, because there is overlap and back-and-forth between the content. Just try to make sure you're consistently reading throughout and have all the reading done by the end of the module. It's usually a good idea to read the textbook chapters first

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Week 1


In the first week we introduce ourselves and discuss the plan for the course, my expectations for the class and our learning objectives. We also discuss the various assumptions we bring to this course, and what we all expect to get out of it. Please watch the 3345E-GettingStarted Video before our first meeting! Make note of any questions you have and we can discuss then.


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Here is the full Slide Deck for Week 1 (INTRO)

Weeks 2-3

We look at the “nuts and bolts” of IL and IO. We examine the historical, and institutional origins and genealogy of contemporary international legal structures and their related organizations. Here we focus on the UN Charter and Vienna Conventions and the foundational ideas that guide membership and order in international organizations.

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The full slide deck for Week 2 (Origins I) is HERE

The full slide deck for Week 3 (Origins II) is HERE